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• Wrap this around your cell phone

• Hang on dozens of convenient places

• Made from 100% silicone rubber

• Hook is reinforced with adjustable steel wire

• Densifier what size cellhook case you need from the chart below

• Makes a great gift

• $7 for one, get all three sizes for $11

• Free shipping in the US

Phone Hooked on a Branch Neck Strap Phone Hanger Phone Hooked on a Car Hood
Cellhook Hanging From Shower Rod Phone Hook Hanging on Shirt Cellhook Hanging From Rear View Mirror
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Size Chart

your smartphone will always be within reach

get cellhook, the smartphone case with a convenient adjustable hook on top that latches your phone to just about anything. cellhook makes a great gift, and we ship promptly. cellhook is made from 100% black silicone rubber and is designed for ease of use and convenience. now you can multitask and talk hands-free on your phone, watch movies, or listen to your favorite music. all sizes are just $7.00 each, but you can get all three for $11.00. that's an incredible $10.00 saving, and we ship free within the united states. our brand name is engraved on the back of each cellhook case. if you are interested in custom engraving for company or personal use, ask us for details. get your cellhook today.

buy all three sizes of cellhook for $11.00, that's a $10 saving!

Cellhook on Shower Rod

buy cellhook and get more use from your smartphone.

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get cellhook and keep your smartphone within easy reach.

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Phone Hooked on a Towel Rack
Phone Hooked on a Knob

hang your smartphone anywhere and enjoy hands-free use with cellhook.

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